Shane Griffin, Care Leavers' Network Ireland

Shane, is a Social Care Worker, who has spent time working in mainstream residential care and with homeless adults since completing his studies. Before returning to education in September 2011, he mainly worked in retail while caring full time for a family member. For his Dissertation during his undergraduate studies, Shane explored ‘“To explore professionals’ perspectives of the aftercare process for young adults in their transition to independent living” One of many interest areas to his, post time spent in state care (eight years), spending time with many foster families and in residential care homes too. Although this journey has been quite a personal struggle and challenge, he looks to the future.

In addition to Shane’s post qualification experience, he has spent time working with various marginalised and disadvantaged groups, across several different project and service providers. This, through various professional practise placements, voluntary work and paid employment including; working alongside Garda Diversion Projects, Youth Training, and Development Programmes and with Adult Care Leavers. Shane, has also worked with adults within Home Care and in Residential Care, during his studies. Most recently, Shane has joined the team of Sugru. A non-profit organization that specializes in, and promotes child development and wellbeing, supporting parents and indeed families through many of lives difficulties; including, but not limited to suicidal ideation and self-harm, family separation and co-parenting, and childhood anxiety. This, very much an area in which Shane has much professional and personal interest in and hopes to advance his studies in the future to specialise in this area.

‘My commitment to obtain a third level qualification has been of immense benefit to me personally and professionally. This has offered me several opportunities. My involvement with Care Leavers’ Network is from my personal and professional passion to advocate for those who are, and have been in the Irish care system’ - Shane Griffin

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During this presentation, the speaker will aim to provide insight through lived experience and make a strong case for the need to spend meaningful time with children who we work for and with, before, during and toward after care. The topic of permeance will be explored and a case presented where children and families who have experienced adversities before first contact, need quality time to gain and build trust between adults who wish to provide support and interventions where appropriate. An area of interest to the speaker, is prevention and early intervention. This will be explored through an example from lived experience and correlations brought to the underpinning title of creating time and building relationships to promote active and meaningful engagement in a child centred manner.
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