Dr Carmel Halton

Dr Carmel Halton is Director of the Master of Social Work in UCC. She has been a social work educator for over 30 years. A primary concern is to promote reflective and reflexive e practices in social work education and in professional practice. She believes that reflective inquiry is central to maintaining competent and engaged social work practitioners and to promoting and sustaining ethically informed professional practice. Carmel has researched and published on reflection and her IRIS profile represents her teaching, research and publication record to date. As a social work educator, she is committed to evaluating the effectiveness of reflective approaches to teaching and learning for students and graduates of professional social work programs. She has engaged with colleagues, across a range of disciplines, in researching the transfer and sustainability of the reflective process into the work environment. More recently her research has focused on examining how social workers in child protection practice use peer support groups to support reflective practice. This research has resulted in the identification of variables which both support and challenge practitioners’ engagement in reflective practice. Carmel has presented her research at national and international conferences e.g. American Educational Research Association (AERA), European Educational Research Association Conference (ECER), Educational Studies Association of Ireland (ESAI) and European Conference on Social Work Research (ECSWR)

Practice Masterclass: Promoting and Sustaining Reflection in Social Work Practice

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